Youth Parliament on Gender (2015)

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We all have till today participated in various Model United Nations discussing on various topics that concern the human society as a whole. It has always given out insights from the young minds across this generation and developed new perspectives on how these issues can be solved, be it a war or a disease. But now, as a country it is time we look into our own problems, solve them and develop as a country out of issues that have not allowed many of us to get freedom even after 69 years of independence.

Youth Parliament is just that assimilation of the parliament where the youth get together parliament to discuss issues pressing our country, expectedly with much less chaos and more expectations of results. Our country has the oldest average age of politicians and its high time the youth take up their places and enter the administration.
The Event will be facilitated by Sauhard and ActionAid India under the latter’s successful campaign of “Beti Zindabad”. It will be organized in Ahmedabad on December 13th. It will basically facilitate a merger for like minded people. Looking at the bigger picture, youth parliament is a pavement that gives way to a chain of solution based approaches towards sensitive issues faced by us on a daily basis.
Furthermore, the topic for this youth parliament is based on gender sensitization. Since ages,our country has social norms which define gender roles and activities. It is frustrating that as the world develops, our patriarchal society still is so resistant to change and both men and women in some ways cannot accept the idea of interchanging roles. Our politicians talk about women empowerment but then are we gender sensitized enough to allow equality for men and women in all fields?? If not, we need to make sure we are because only then will we bring in the much needed empowerment for the fairer sex.

The first youth parliament will focus on 3 issues which are very important in the current scenario:

  1. Declining Sex Ratio: The issue of reducing sex ratio has been prevailing since more than a decade. It was this very issue that prompted ActionAid to raise the awareness campaign – “Beti Zindabad”.While it has in a huge way facilitated gender sensitization amongst the country. How about the youth and the administration work on this together now?
  2. Sexual Harassment: All the promises made for safety of our women have just been words. India has sadly been in top 5 countries in terms of rape cases and the increase has been to nearly 400 % from that a decade ago. Isn’t it high time we got together for a political way out of this infamous record our country holds??
  3. Mardangi: Gender Equality, doesn’t mean giving rights to women, but also means preserving rights for men too. The stereotypical notion that, ‘Men don’t cry’ or ‘Be a MAN’ As a whole has become a major stigma more than an issue. It is amazing how the youth today thinks of Gender Equality in a multi- dimensional way. We would love to know more about their perspectives. More over Gender Equality with respect to family, society and the administration is an important aspect of choosing this committee.


  1. Any individual from 16 to 22 years of age is free to participate.  NOTE: The age limit for applicants who are currently pursuing M.Phil. /Ph.D. is 28 years. However Ph.D./M.Phil. degree holders or students beyond this age limit are NOT allowed to participate.
  1. An applicant may or may not represent an institution (school/college/university).
    NOTE: The staff of YPG reserves the right to investigate the eligibility of any applicant and expel any individual determined to be ineligible for participation. Any individual who does not meet the above criteria, who registers in affiliation with an institution that he/she does not attend, or who is otherwise found to be in violation of the YPG terms and conditions will be considered ineligible for participation.
  2. Last Date for registration is 6th December, 2015. Beyond this date no application will be accepted. In case of an extension or availability of empty slots, the applications after this date shall be considered only on first come first serve basis.


  1. A session prior to the conference shall be held. This session will be mandatory for all the selected participants to attend as that will be the first round of the conference. This session will also be a facilitating orientation for all the participants.
  2. The conference is bifurcated into 3 rounds. The first round will be the orientation itself where in individuals will be allocated their topic of debate. The date for the first round will be announced later.
  3. The second and the third round will be held on the conference day, i.e. December 13th these two rounds will basically put the participants’ analytical and brainstorming skills. The last rounds essentially will be the voting round in order to pass a bill. The participants will be required to work individually as well as in the groups as and when the conference session requires them to be. All the sessions will be moderated by a chair, a co-chair and a rapporteur. These panel members for every sessions will be announced soon.


There is NO prize money.

All the participants who are selected for the YPG 2015 shall be awarded a certificate of participation.


  1. The candidates who wish to participate in the Youth Parliament are requested to register here.
  2. Once we receive the mail, we will send across the registration forms to the potential candidate. The process of selection will be solely based on the answers that we receive through the registration form.
  3. A confirmation mail shall be sent to all the candidates once we receive their applications. The confirmation can be either via Email or phone, we would discourage confirmation being sent over by SMS or WhatsApp. Email and phone call will be appreciated.
  4. If a minor is registering for YPG 2015 your parents/guardians are deemed to have agreed and accepted all the terms on behalf of you.