The Gender Module

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Gender refers to the social attributes and opportunities associated with being male and female and the relationships between women and men and girls and boys, as well as the relations between women and those between men, source:

Gender roles can be characterized as the practices, qualities, and perspectives that a general public thinks about suitable for both male and female. Generally, people had contradicting jobs, men were viewed as the supplier for the family and ladies were viewed as the guardians of both the home and the family.
In this fellowship program, we will understand Gender roles from a better point of view, how the general public has adapted us to have confidence in something which is possibly false. We at Sauhard target at breaking the generalizations that win in the general public with regards to gender roles!

This module includes the following Sub-modules:

  1. Understanding the LGBTQ+ community and its policies
  2. Gender roles
  3. Understanding consent and Anti-Sexual harassment
  4. Normalizing menstruation and Menopause

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