The Jagrik Project- SAMVIDHAN LIVE

Sauhard in collaboration with CYC – started its journey with ‘Samvidhan LIVE – The Jagrik Project’ on 7 December 2016.

The primary aim of the campaign was to ensure that the jagrik pairs not only developed a thorough understanding of the fundamental rights and duties, but also engaged with them through the means of weekly real-life simulation tasks, concerning either a fundamental right or a duty.


Fellows from Sauhard performed ‘Thappad Baba’ at the National Culmination Event of Samvidhan LIVE – The Jagrik Project in Delhi. 

The jagrik pairs were also assigned the task to carry out and fill survey forms of the ‘citizenry’ in order to develop the Jagrik report cards.

In the words of Divy Bhagia “It was only when we were filling out the survey forms, that a deep need of this campaign was felt. Not only were most people unaware of their fundamental duties, they were also clueless about their fundamental rights.”

Over the next few weeks, the nagriks saw themselves transform into jagriks as they got closer and closer to the realities of the significance of the fundamental rights and the calling need for abiding by the fundamental duties. All the pairs went way beyond their comfort zones to know more about the things happening around them, in addition to turning out their weekly updates of the tasks they had finished.

A visit to a village named ‘Bhumel’ was also organized as a part of The Jagrik Project trail. The jagriks’ first interaction with the villagers was through a street-play and the discussion that followed it. The jagrik pairs, then performed several  aforementioned tasks. In fact, they went further and did things that went beyond the stated tasks.

The journey of The Jagrik Project did not end there. 6 jagriks, along with other members of Sauhard performed a “nukkad naatak” at the National culmination event in Delhi in January, 2017. This was to emphasize the importance of reasoning and questioning.

To watch the special coverage of the The National Culmination Event in Delhi, by LokSabhaTV, you can click here.  (You can catch what Harshita, currently a facilitator at Sauhard, has to say about that one learning from The Jagrik Project at ’13:44′)