Rural Youth Programme

The Rural Youth Program by Sauhard is based in a village called Sherisa, with its main objective being provision of exposure to rural youth for a better future. Started in 2016, this initiative has mobilized 20 young girls to pursue their education after they opted to drop out after class 10.

These girls are currently enrolled with the NIOS (National Institute for Open Schooling) and regular classes are held for them at a centre provided by the Gram Panchayat of Sherisa village.


Photo: Fellows from Sauhard along with the girls enrolled in NIOS under the Rural Youth Program at the ‘Girls Education Centre, Sherisa’


Along with education, there is a keen focus even on their overall development with the help of workshops on self, gender, skills, leadership. The program also offers an exposure to urban areas along with various facilities like a library and computers to enhance their knowledge.

To know more about the impact, stimulus and the vision behind the Rural Youth Program, you can watch the video: Sauhard Rural Youth Programme