The Leadership Module

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A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus, Martin Luther King

We have focused on changing the idea of leadership. Here, by the Leadership we intend to take a shot at self, improving one’s character and managing issues identified with the self. In this specific module, we target at accomplishing self-esteem. Self-esteem characterized as “affection for self” or “respect for one’s satisfaction or favorable position” has both been conceptualized as an essential human need and as an ethical defect, similar to vanity and self-centeredness, equal with love, vanity, pride, narcissism, et al.

This module includes the following Sub-modules:

  1. Understanding self
  2. Channelizing emotions
  3. Handling criticism
  4. Team work and co-operation

The module also inculcates self check activities so as to keep a track of individual progress. Our aim through this module is to lay the foundation values of self esteem and leadership qualities so as to build young change-makers.

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