Fellowship 2020-21

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Sauhard, founded in 2011, is a registered non-profit organization
working on youth development to promote and establish peace, harmony
and equality. Our vision is to “Empower the Youth to play a role in
creating better future through Conflict Transformation.
” we aim to
sensitize and enable the youth to voice their opinions, ideas, concerns
and views over social and political issues through creative media. One of
the key programs of Sauhard is ‘The Fellowship’. Sauhard has been
running the fellowship program for the past 8 years. In the past 8 years,
Sauhard has had more than 250 fellows as a part of the fellowship
Because of the current situation of Covid-19, the fellowship will run on
an online platform.

What does the fellowship program consist of?
The fellowship program consists of four different modules and four sub modules under each module. A session would be conducted for each sub module.

The four modules are:

  1. Leadership
  2. Gender
  3. Indian Constitution
  4. Indian Politics and Governance

Click on the above mentioned modules for detailed information about any of the them.

Apart from these modules, there will be weekly group discussions
where all the fellows as well as anchors get together and have
discussions about various things happening around us. We call them

How long will the Fellowship be?
The fellowship is likely to start in the month of August (2020) and it would end in the month of January (2021). (Specific dates to be announced soon)

What are the fees for the fellowship program?
The fees for one module would be 200 rupees and fees for the entire fellowship i.e. four modules would be 600 rupees.

Will I get a certificate?
YES! You will get a certificate. If you finish one module, you get a certificate for finishing that particular module and if you finish all four modules, you will be getting a certificate for finishing the entire fellowship.
However, one must attend 3 sessions (sub modules) per module in order to get the certificate. Similarly, out of the total of 16 sub modules, one will have to attend at least 12 sub modules.

Is there an age limit for the fellowship program?
Yes, the fellowship program is specially designed for the young people out there. So, only the people between the of age 18-24 years can apply. However, let age not be a restriction. There’s always the column of Terms & Conditions apply!

How do I register for the fellowship?
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