Facilitator: Priyanshu Sharma



(Real photo to be uploaded soon 🙂 )

Who are you?

I would say I am a reader by hobby, an engineer by profession and a writer by passion. I am also a dabbler in songwriting. And a lazy gardener at heart.

What are you doing currently?

I am currently pursuing my B.E. in Computer Engineering. I am also smiling while answering this question and vice versa!

What are you passionate about?

I am fiercely passionate about the domain of Corporate Social Responsibility. My idea of ‘Great Perhaps’ lies in me eventually being associated with CSR, one way or the other.

Your role at Sauhard?

I am currently a facilitator for the new Fellowship batch. I currently only handle the website, but I am looking forward to improving my involvement with the new batch.

What makes you continue your journey with Sauhard?

The people. The comforting sense  you get when you are a part of a community. That too a community of young, diverse, vibrant personalities who are sensitised and socially aware. Yup, its the people.