Facilitator: Mansi Dave


Who are you?

I am a Civil Engineering student with an artistic soul.

What are you passionate about?

Dance and art is my spirit animal.

Your journey ‘at and with’ Sauhard

I started as a fellow at Sauhard. Had a wonderful experience. And now I am a facilitator at Sauhard myself.

What makes you continue your journey with Sauhard?

I initially identified myself as an immature and indecisive person but these two years at Sauhard have nurtured my patience, my maturity and most importantly me as a human being. Sauhard has made me strong and taught me that we all have our own journeys. That all you gotta do is keep going. Just don’t stop. Don’t wear a thick cloak as someone will reach out to you in the form of a friend or a teacher. That there is life within a life at Sauhard. One which I have acquired.