Facilitator: Bhavi Barad


Who are you?

Drama. HAHA! I like to be described as a theatre performer and an enthusiast. A Highly prefervid learner who passionately works to make this world a happier place.

What are you doing currently?

I’m currently pursuing my final year in BA (Psychology) from St. Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad.

What are you passionate about?

Drama. Drama. And some more Drama!

I am passionate about the work I do at Sauhard. ❤

Your role at Sauhard?

Facilitator and a changemaker.

What makes you continue your journey with Sauhard?

The newness that it always has to offer to individuals. There is something for each one of us who comes to Sauhard. I found my own space where I can be free and passionate. Where I can discover myself and still do my bit to fulfill my dream of changing the world. It is my space where I have the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them. I have continued and will continue because where else do you have the  freedom to discover yourself and explore the world around, still never be judged for all that you discover?