What thy Think, is What thy Become!

A fellow of Sauhard expresses through beautiful words! Must read

Crescendo de mon Cosmos

Students are differentiated as scholars and loosers; but no one knows the secret behind being a scholar and a looser. It’s all on what you think about yourself, what you perceive yourself to be, what you estimate about your skills is who you be!

Think of yourself as an intelligent person, behave as if you are and thus thy become. Your subconscious always believes what you say. You say you can do, and hence you achieve. Absolutely, hardwork is utmost necessary, but that spirit of working hard comes with the thought to succeed. You find the shells and hence the pearls when you go deep inside the ocean. But for that, you need to dare. Dare to dream! Dare to achieve! Dreams become reality and hence you must dream!

Dream creates ambition, Ambition creates enthusiasm and Enthusiasm persuades to work harder, And this dedication to work hard, makes your dream…

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