My Khurafat Experience – Vaibhav Barania

I appreciate the way Sauhard accommodates all fellows. I joined practice late and still, Sauhard gave me space. The practice sessions were full of fun. I made new friends. Along with a role in one of the plays, I am grateful to Sauhard for the platform of anchoring such an event. I was running tight on schedule, … Continue reading My Khurafat Experience – Vaibhav Barania


Life Drama – A poetry by Bansi

Title: LIFE DRAMAS What is this life, if full of care you have no time to stand and stare. Be-aware, the darkness in life will disappear if the life is full of care. Life, gives you many thoughts, gives you many obstacles, teaches you endless lessons, asks you to be firm footed, asks you to … Continue reading Life Drama – A poetry by Bansi

The Fifth Space

As I finished my fellowship with Sauhard exactly 24 hours back (the certificate is yet to be extracted  from my bag), I felt no sense of closure. None. At all.  Unlike other farewell functions that I have attended, the convocation function seemed only another milestone in my journey with the organization. This, I realized, was … Continue reading The Fifth Space