Hate and its Correlation with Children

As of today, Merriam-Webster defines hate as “intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury.” It sounds negative to us, as adults, and imagining a child being exposed to such intense feelings of toxic dislike is almost unbearable.
However, it happens. It is much more common and ignored than we would like it to be. Children all around the world are exposed to the concept of extreme dislike and apathy towards people and things by their parents, schools, friends, relatives, exposure or the overall surroundings.

Hate is a negative in nature, and it brings nothing but turmoil to both, the person being hated on and the person hating. Therefore it is safe to say that when it is infiltrated onto kids, it again brings only personal decay and issues. Children are impressionable and that is no secret. So naturally when they are exposed to the built up emotion of hatred in their natural surroundings, that is what they end up picking up on.

A point to keep in mind is, hate travels through generations. It is passed on. It is hate that transforms the natural order of the human condition, causing an internal and external strife within the very fabric of humanity. Hate not only permanently damages their cognitive perceptions of the world, but it also causes personal distress leaving a stain on one’s ideological viewpoints of that world. Some of the long-term heartbreaking consequences of grooming children to hate are:
● Negative or judgmental personality
● Poor adjustment
● Difficulty trusting others
● Difficulty initiating and maintaining relationships
● Poor relationship quality
● Aggressive/defiant behavior
● Depression
● Low self-esteem
● Guilt or confusion surrounding negative feelings about the other parent
● Self-hatred
● Deep seated prejudices
● Lack of conscience
● Not experiencing shame, guilt or anxiety
● A “tough person” facade

Hate, animosity, or resentment are not emotions that come naturally to children; it has to be taught. Children, the youth, are going to lead the world. They will take us forward, our legacies, our wins, our achievements, our failures, our love, and if we choose so, even our hatred. It is vital to remember that if you promote hatred and normalize it, they might just take this lesson and imprint hatred against you too. Because when you teach hatred, it is a concept, an idea, the possibility of an emotion that you are making plausible. The world can and must exist without hatred and to eliminate it, the younger generation has to be kept pure and distant from the possibility of such a dark emotion. After all, it is learnt, not innate!

–By Nish, Anchor, Sauhard

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