Hate: A Great Burden

“Hate is a smart business”. A business selling its various products in different forms and sizes. It is hugely profitable for the vendor and those who are marketing it. Clever marketing leads to these products being sold easily and widely over the global market. It is sold in shiny packets and comes with lucrative offers.
So how do we control the growth of this business and how can we shut it down completely? To understand that, we’ll have to dig deeper and study the roots of this business first.

“Hate” or “Hatred” is a term used to define the feeling of being consumed with the feeling of an intense, passionate dislike for a particular individual or a group of individuals. This feeling is constantly fueled by external and internal factors like gossips, news filled with negativity, and can be spread through platforms like social media and political parties. The reasons for this feeling may be distinguished for every single individual.

Some of the most common reasons include jealousy, fear, repressed feelings, distinguished upbringings, insecurity, self-esteem, and the inability to make out the difference between facts and assumptions. Around 47% of the hate crimes in the world are a result of the inability to make out the difference between facts and assumptions and education plays a major role in it.

Education is like a dual bladed sword, it can propagate as well as diminish hate-related crimes. It is hugely based on the narrative of the narrator. The best method to eradicate the feeling of hatred against someone is to self introspect. Whenever we feel like we hate someone, we need to pause, understand the reason, self introspect and if possible, just imagine being in the shoes of the other person and much of the feeling can be eradicated by just following these steps correctly.

Every single individual plays a major role in either the spread or eradication of hate. It is also essential to understand that there are a million ideas in this world that’ll differ from us but what’s important is that we learn to agree to the disagreements. I met a chess player and we had a small conversation about racism, he said, “If you ask me then I’d say that as a chess player, black and white carry the same importance. There is no discrimination in the game and neither should it be in real life”.

Hence, it is time to choose and choose wisely. Agreeing to some of the brightest minds in the world and standing against hate, In the words of Martin Luther King Jr. “ I have decided to stick with love, hate is too great a burden to bear”.

–By Ishaan Sharma

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