Friends of Sauhard: Kejal Savla

A few weeks have been rather intense at Sauhard! We believe in creating a free space that is open to all – our friends, colleagues, enemies and more! In the same vein, a few weeks ago we were visited by very special friends. One of them was Kejal Savla, who visited our office and interacted with our facilitators. The session was full of laughter and insights. This is her Sauhard experience.

I knew Sauhard as one of the organisations that are a part of Community: The Youth Collective. We (at Blue Ribbon Movement) met Team Sauhard deeply as a part of an Organizational Development Journey called ‘Saansthan’.

Knowing each other we instantly connected as our work, focus areas and challenges sounded surprisingly too similar. It was like meeting a cousin from another city! As part of this journey, we intended to do peer organisations visits to learn more from each other.

It was lovely to meet the enthusiastic bunch of facilitators at Sauhard and how deeply the team believes in imbibing its true meaning – Holding pressing questions, intent and honesty with each other in their work.

I loved the way theatre is used to express, learn and connect to people for creating awareness. It has helped youth push themselves out of their comfort zone and grow. The team is full of an amazing bunch of people with endless such stories that keep your curiosity up!

About Kejal Savla – Convener, Connecting Communities from The Blue Ribbon Movement, Mumbai:


Over 6 years with BRM, from a fellow she has transitioned as a ladder to co-create space for building youth-led communities of alternative learning, expression, action and dialogue through different initiatives. Currently, she is navigating life through experiments, travel and the social sector. She loves meeting new people and having deep conversations over coffee. The Blue Ribbon Movement works with young people to build a movement of individuals, projects, organizations, and networks that can create impactful social change and make the world a better place.



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