My Khurafat Experience – Vaibhav Barania

I appreciate the way Sauhard accommodates all fellows. I joined practice late and still, Sauhard gave me space. The practice sessions were full of fun. I made new friends. Along with a role in one of the plays, I am grateful to Sauhard for the platform of anchoring such an event. I was running tight on schedule, I had to push myself to practice. After the event, I believe I invested my time judiciously.
There were some minor crises in the anchoring team, but with the spirit of Sauhard, any crisis was wrecked off. Personally, Khurafat gave me a platform to extend my limbs at theatre. This event has given me life lessons in the form of teamwork, coordination and accommodation. I played the role of Dudha, a boy from a ‘backward’ class who scores the highest in a school exam. In that moment, I felt the anger in me and injustice done with such class of people…what a realisation!
Last but not least, we had so much fun. Hats off to Sauhard for all stupendous experiences. Long live Sauhard!

Vaibhav is currently a student at St. Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad, and a fellow at Sauhard. With our annual theatre event Khurafat, along with the rest of the team of fellows and facilitators, Vaibhav worked to create from scratch an event celebrating young people and their spirit. This year, Khurafat consisted of plays scripted by these young people, films screenings, poetry and a host of dance and music. Stay tuned to see more and read more of the event here!


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