Life Drama – A poetry by Bansi

What is this life,
if full of care
you have no time to stand and stare.
the darkness in life will disappear
if the life is full of care.
gives you many thoughts,
gives you many obstacles,
teaches you endless lessons,
asks you to be firm footed,
asks you to be a dramatist,
asks you to be in a limit sometimes,
But does not give you,
the time to stand.
Staring at things would be impossible.
If you stand,
If you stare,
Be-aware, you are left behind
take a twist,
take a turn,
give it a try and
you stand on the top in this running world.

(Bansi is currently a student at Gujarat university, and a fellow at Sauhard. She is always curious and loves writing poetry. With our annual theatre event Khurafat, along with the rest of the team of fellows and facilitators, Bansi worked to create from scratch an event celebrating young people and their spirit. This year, Khurafat consisted of plays scripted by these young people, films screenings, poetry and a host of dance and music. Stay tuned to see more and read more of the event here!)

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