Fellow: Netri Mehta

Untitled-5 copyIn class, what type of a character am I?  

I listen everything most preciously in the classroom. I get to know my fellows and share a great camaraderie with them.

One random fact about me

The fact that I can eat any number of Bhajipav plates even if i would have just gotten up from the dining table; regardless of the fact whether my stomach will be full.

If there is one quote that defines me, it will be

“I am what I myself want to be. Not what you want to see.”

The reason I am a Sauhard fellow 

It was my birthday 03/08 Thursday when the first introduction of Sauhard  took place I desperately wanted to do something for the unprivileged on my birthday this year(2017) and yeah I found one where I can share my views, ideas without being judged, I can have healthy arguments, conversations and mostly I wanted a place where my wired, bold blogs can be published because I believe words can reach any corner of the world and can be helpful to the needy. Youth has indeed a natural power.