Fellow: Azure Dave

In class, what type of a character am I?

In class, I am your typical “Hermione Granger”; loves to study, doesn’t break rules usually, shoots hand up in a second to answer every question, always ready to volunteer, “an insufferable know-it-all”,

(except I’m not >that< insufferable, and i don’t >always< know it all!)   

One random fact about me

I can burp at will. And i can burp the “a,e,i,o,u.”

If there is one quote that defines me, it will be

” ‘Cabbages and Potatoes?’ , I says to him, ‘Elves and Dragons are better for me and you!'”

The reason I am a Sauhard fellow 

I am a Fellow at Sauhard because I wish to make a difference in the way people think about the world and treat their surroundings, and in their attitude towards those around them.