Exploring the 5th space at Sauhard

I had no idea what I was going in for when a message in my Econ Whatsapp group popped up about getting enrolled for a fellowship at an NGO. But I immediately made up my mind to go for it. I did not read the whole message back then and I have not read it in its entirety, till date, but at that moment I knew I might not get many chances or reasons to meet people from various walks of life.

Sauhard has been an eye-opening experience for me. It has shown me, and brilliantly so, that everyone is on the same platform and no laurels or money but only the power of reasoning can stand them out. At the very onset of the fellowship journey, the only prerequisite put forward us was to stop judging people or their views as soon as we entered Thikana and practice doing the same even when we met anyone outside. All of us try as much as we can to inculcate this in ourselves but the most amazing part is the fun that is always associated with it.

One such experience was a trip to Jaipur for an ecofest. Just a question for everyone reading this and whomsoever has gone through the freshman experience. Have you ever been hesitant only because of the reason that you’re a freshman and taken back your steps and been in two minds about sharing your idea or voicing your opinion? I am sure all of us somewhere or the other have!  It is because of the innate desire of being accepted by others. And with acceptance comes a thought about being judged. But Sauhard had checked that problem off my list. And not just mine but all my other 4 roommates there too. Because guess what, coincidentally all 5 of us were fellows at Sauhard.

That meant unlimited fun and enjoyment without having to face any icebreaker moments; without being judged. This could be the craziest thing one could ever think of. Let alone thinking, we practised it to the peak. My roommates and I never judged anybody out there and we indulged in the most random and the stupidest of things. We informed everyone who entered our room that they were free to do LITERALLY ANYTHING in our room and no one was going to think shit about them. That meant unlimited friendships and connections with all the liberties. Who wouldn’t want to enter such a room and have the craziest moments in those 3 days?!

We did slumber parties, we enjoyed getting ready and helping others in that and oh-my-god, the nonstop pillow fights we did! This trip was so far the best one not because we went to a non-dry state and certainly not because the place we went to was some high-end luxurious place, cause honestly, it wasn’t.

The best part of this seemingly normal trip was just changing our mindsets to enjoy the most and respecting everybody’s opinion. I’m glad to be a part of Sauhard; having the leverage to attend such enlightening and thought-provoking sessions which are actually creating an impact on our brains, knowingly or unknowingly. And needless to mention: in a good way.

—-Davneeka Ranawat, 2017-18 Fellowship Batch


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