To dear Gen Z and folks……. !


My Dear Siblings from other parents.



 The Parents of my these dearest siblings.

How much change do we find when we compare our grandparents stories of caressing and fondling our parents and now what our parents do to us! Change is only constant, I agree, but ought not the change be a change for something good?

Sisi: Get up from there, baby surf for good hobby classes that are going on in this summer and join one of them you feel like! Stop wasting your time behind this idiot box learning nothing.

Banku: Sisi, only one month! What would I be able to learn in one month? Then my tuitions! I am in 10th now! I need to FOCUS….(on TV?)

And then started the whole session of 1 hour 23 minutes as an elder sister on how this one month is the creator of the better yourself, the month which lays you free from the acads and which  makes you realize your passion.

Yes guys there, reading the post, I am an Engineering Undergraduate from a reputed college striving to get a gold medal with truest of the knowledge of my field to pursue. Once 10th happened to me! The best year of my life! For everyone of us, the best year to prove your credibility in front of all and the year which works as a confidence booster for the whole life. Nikal jaeaga aaram se I assure! But what about the time that you are blessed with before starting of the school’s new year? Hope your are doing something you love except for sitting in front of the idiot box and the over-smart-cells clashing with the clans and surfing in the subway. Life is far more worthy than this. Value it. My experience says!  Whatever you do in the time of leisure is what defines you in the future. All that you do constructs you and constructs a human which will work wonders in the future.

Have you ever wondered how blessed we are to be able to enjoy the life and out parents have money to spend on us for everything we need. Let us do something worthy and give back to the society a gift which it has given to us in the form of a life we owe it to! Vacations are the most crucial time of the whole year. Let us construct ourselves better.

My dear child, sit with me. How was your day? What did you learn? You seem so happy, let’s go to play in the evening. Somewhere in the glory of subway surfer, candy crush and snapchat stories, these words have lost their place though have the same value or I may say more than before if conversed today.

In this fast paced life of earning and being self dependent and being stable, parents have lost that contact with their children where once they used to empathize by talking to them, sharing their ideas and giving wings to their dreams. But today, facebook newsfeed is rather more important to them leaving behind the newspaper mind of their own kid full of observations they need answer of and curiosity the world fails to answer. Have you ever imagined what has this resulted into? A lonely kid always sitting in front of TV and the over smart phones ruining their future to the level one can’t visualize now but will realize once when the kids grow up and don’t give a fuck to parent’s opinion and life.

Ahh! Exams come to an end and the holla vacation period kicks off  wherein we all stuggle how to PASS our time and the best option we get- The idiot boXXXX… Is there ever a day when Ekta Kapoor or her competitor  to combat the situation and then juggles in the mind Ishi Maa in  her daily soaps always in mind thinking about her next move in the the khichdi they cook and the next twist and turn always leaving us awestruck at the end on one side and proud on the other thinking… yea! This is what I predicted and its true! Yohoo!! Bloody damn yuhoo, what does that give you? Do they pay you? Do they test your skills. No way! Don’t think hann that they teach you creativity, they just corrupt  your innocent mind made to make you a better you too learn the skills with which are born to obese the world with that after a few years people will look at you with respect and admiration to learn from your journey of perseverance  to success.

So dear parents, please give time and most importantly quality time to your child.

And dear friend, these are the best days to build yourself. Utilize the vacation time.


Saloni Parikh

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